soccer + jousting + flying birds

Holiday 2014, $9.99

  • Compete as a squawk jockey in this local multiplayer sportsgame!
  • Enjoy hours of fun across many Sportsball game modes including Duel, Rallyball, and Sportsbrawl!
  • Play as 16 distinct birds representing 4 historic international teams!
  • 10 stadiums worldwide! Play on the ground, through the clouds or even in space!
  • Use the Wii U GamePad Microphone to blast your voice through the TV speakers and give a play-by-play or "encourage" your friends!

The Team

Auston Montville is the Game Developer of TOO DX. He designed, programmed, and produced art for Sportsball. He believes anyone can live a fulfilling life if they choose.

Ned Green is the Business Developer at TOO DX. He does behind-the-scenes stuff so we can keep making games. You'll see him wherever TOO DX exhibits.

Kareem Shuman is the Lead Sound Designer on Sportsball. His goal is to continue to hone his audio crafting skills into an edge so sharp that it cuts through the noise and exposes all of the sweet soundscapes hidden within.

Don Thacker is the Narrative Designer for Sportsball. He's responsible for the lore, nomenclature and vernacular used to bring the world of the Squawk Jockey to life. Jock and Yolk.

Imagos Films takes the imagination you wish you had and shows it to you on a silver screen. They also love Doritos™. Not like you might love them, no. It is in a way you may never fully understand.

The Squawk Squad, with members Austin 'Aerial Ace' Riedhammer and Alex 'Cubed' Schomburg, complained about the Pink Pros until they were actually competitive.